19-year-old Sikkimese boy builds Hydro Power Generator

Bikal Rai, a 19-year-old from Sikkim, is more than just a young inventor who’s into electronics. Although he was forced to drop out from school due to financial hardship, after passing his tenth standard at Middle Camp Secondary School in 32 mile, East Sikkim.

Recently, he came up with the idea to build hydro power generator that produces 2.3 volt energy, powerful enough to switch on 3 bulbs and charges up to four mobile phones at once, reported Sikkim Messenger about his latest invention.

Earlier, he has made fan (DC -3 voltage) that deliver strong air blast like normal table fans. This geek has developed a vehicle battery charger. Local people go to him to recharge their batteries.

Bikal, an extraordinary class X school pupil has also invented a photoelectric cell detector car which moves at the sound of hand-claps. He also repairs TVs, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.

He lives with his mother and a younger brother in a rented house in a village called Mangthang, 32 mile in East Sikkim. They earn about Rs. 2,000 a month, selling milk in the neighborhood, produced by a single cow they have —  in fact, their only source of stable income.

On some good days, Bikal would earn a little extra additional income for his family repairing electronic goods. He wants to still continue his further studies in electronics, but with no money left to support him. He can only hope that someday in the future, he would be able to afford it with every little penny that he has been saving for a long time now.

Bikal Rai demostrating one of his invented excavator models to Avvantika Shiori who visited him on Sunday.

Bikal Rai demostrating one of his invented excavator models to Avvantika Shiori who visited him on Sunday.

Adding another obstacle to the challenge, one of his fingers incidentally got slashed while making the hydro power project. Like said, with his never say never-die-spirit, it will never soften his dream away. Bikal Rai is now looking forward to build his Electric Car, despite he never went to any engineering colleges.  Bikal is proving to be an example of all the good that is possible.

This is the kind of young budding inventors under your roof, whom you would want to introduce him or her to Albert Einstein. Just imagine the potential this young lad has. With his youth and advanced study, He has the chance to do something great.

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