First social networking site in Assamese launched

A young Assamese entrepreneur to launch, a social networking site – entirely in Assamese language. The beta site is already launched now, the website is prepared on the model and umbilical concept of the popular social site — Facebook, and its developed web font can be also viewed by users accessing through their mobile phones using the latest versions of Android apps.

The founder Rajdeep Sarma told Assam Tribune:

“Earlier, typing in Assamese language required downloading the software like Ramdhenu, Shreelipi etc., but thanks to the Unicode system, using the digital version of Assamese language has become much easier. In our website, no additional software is required and it also has a typing guide in every page, to help those who find any kind of letter, specially the Yuktakshar. The site can be operated by any person with basic knowledge of typing in the computer key board and Assamese phonetics”.

The site features for registered users would include upload/share photos and videos, one to one chatting, preliminary photo editing and members can contribute their write-up articles and collaboratively edited by anyone with access to the site, on the similar pattern structure to the encyclopedia site — Wikipedia.

The site focused on exploring the possibilities of social networking for the purpose of learning and will prompt an “evolutionary leap” in online sharing in the region.

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