New species of fish discovered in Arunachal Pradesh

A new species of catfish under the genus Pseudolaguvia has been discovered at Sille river in East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, giving zoologists a better understanding of biodiversity in the state.

This is the first new species under the genus, which was found in the upper Brahmaputra river drainage system. The specimen’s discovery has been published in the New Zealand-based ‘Zootaxa’ journal.

Professor D N Das, the principal investigator of Centre of Biodiversity under Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) told Times of India, that amateur naturalist Lakpa Tamang discovered the fish.

Professor Das said the discovery of the new species of miniature catfish, which has been named Pseudolaguvia Viriosa, from Arunachal Pradesh was ‘new to science’. The species was described taxonomically by Tamang, and he deposited its holotype to the Zoological Survey of India, Itanagar, and the RGU museum. Members of the genus Pseudolaguvia are small south Asian catfishes belonging to the family Sisoridae. They inhabit hill streams and large rivers, and are so far known only to inhabit the Ganges river drainage (northern India) southwards to the Bharathappuzha river (southern India) drainage and eastwards to the Sittang river drainage (Myanmar).

Including this new species, there are now only 15 valid species under the genus across the world. Tamang also reportedly discovered two more new species of catfishes – Erethistoides enkhiensis and Glyptothorax dikrongensis – from Senki stream and Dikrong river here in the last few years.

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