Top 10 Most Visited Northeast India Websites for 2012

Many people are aware of world’s top visited sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.,  but remain clueless about the traffic rankings for Northeast India related websites.

Here’s a list of Top 10 Most Visited Northeast India websites in 2012, based on Alexa rankings. Probably this is the first survey done to measure the traffic data indications for the region’s websites. It’s encouraging to find so many websites springing up lately from the region once considered to be a remote territory.

Today the region is witnessing an explosion of activities even in digital awareness as well. Thanks to the incredible growth of internet in the region, with the invasions of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Buzznet and MySpace etc.

A recent survey published by National Book Trust says, despite economic backwardness in the region, The northeastern states have a greater number of young readers in the country. 43 percent of northeastern youths are readers.

My first experience with regional websites started back in 2000, when i was schooling in Chennai. There was this two popular local sites (Kuknalim.com and E-pao.net) that often gets me online, feeding me with information/news happening at home and also helped me interact with online pals from the region on their sites chat rooms. Now Kuknalim.com has ceased its operation. The other E-pao.net is still active and currently positioned No.2 website ranking in this survey list.

The list prepared here is completely based on research and the ranking information provided by Alexa nothing more. Traffic data and global rankings giant Alexa’s web stats are updated daily. The rankings consist of several different criteria including a website’s global reach and number of pageviews.

This time none of any websites from Mizoram, Tripura, Sikkim or Arunachal Pradesh has made it to the top list. Interestingly, we have three websites each from Manipur and Assam on the Top 10 Rankings.

Here’s the Top 10 Websites list:

1) Assamtribune.com, the official website of Assam’s leading English daily newspaper.
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 10,591

2) E-pao.net, an online news portal of Manipur.
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 14,275

3) Theshillongtimes.com, the official website of Meghalaya’s leading English daily newspaper
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 21,836

4) Asomtube.com, a video-sharing website of Assam
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 24,523

5) Northeasttoday.in, the official website of Northeast Today Magazine based in Noida
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 27,613

6) Sevendiary.com, our recently launched portal site (6 days ago)
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 35,533

7) Manipurtalks.com, an online forum and blogging site of Manipur
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 38,182

8) Nagalandpost.com, the official website of Nagaland’s first English daily newspaper
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 42,405

9) Sevensisterspost.com, the official website of Northeast’s English daily newspaper based in Guwahati
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 44,312

10) Thesangaiexpress.com, the official website of Manipur’s leading English daily newspaper
Alexa’s Indian Traffic Rank: 45,199

This post is only for the purpose of knowing which are the top most visited Northeast India related websites. All the Alexa rankings mentioned here was recorded today (November 27). So there might have been minor changes of rankings and positions by the time you read this list. In case, if i had missed out any websites here, Please feedback me.

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