The Vinyl Records has raised Rs.1.1 Lacs so far through Wishberry

The four-piece all girl indie punk The Vinyl Records joined the crowd-funding portal WishBerry since March, to raise a fund of Rs. 1.25 lacs for their upcoming official music video “Whims” from the 4-track debut EP of the same title.

Till now, the girls has raised Rs.1,10,800 from 44 contributors and over the next 15 days from today, the band would have to meet up the remaining amount to see their campaign effort and dreams come true.

The rewards for contributors include Jam session with the band, Movie/skype with the band, Autographed CDs and Posters. And in their campaign mission statement, they explained to fans that…

[code]We want to create a professional music video for the title track with the Mumbai based Clockwork Studio. Following the themes of feminism and empowerment in the country’s capital.[/code]

The Vinyl Records

Crowd-funding campaigns for musicians has revolutionised, with Amanda Palmer raising a staggering of more than $1 million for her latest album last year through Kickstarter. Other international bands like Protest the Hero and Chimaira have utilized crowdfunding to fund the recording of their music and tours to support the album.

According to the New York Times report, over $38 million has been raised for music-related projects and campaigns through Kickstarter alone in the past three years, with almost 50,000 projects  scouting for financing on Kickstarter since the site launched on April 28, 2009.

New Delhi based is a crowd funding site that also allows artists to create pre-order campaigns and raise money for their projects.


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